T H E  F O U R  W’s  A N D  A N  H



Who is The Rode Bike?


Like Caesar’s Gaul, The Rode-Bike is made up of three parts:





Bear provides Security for The Rode-Bike, making sure the Mail Man doesn’t loiter after dropping off our bicycle supplies and that none of the squirrels ride off with any of the merchandise. You will likely see Bear when you make an appointment to see one of our Bicycles. Bear keeps a close eye on everything so he is a wealth of information about all of our bicycles.


Bear Is Having A Mid Life Crisis and Wishes He Could Grow His Hair Out and Ride A Bike Too




Patricia and Ray support Bear in his efforts at The Rode-Bike by finding and refurbishing vintage bicycles. We think it’s better to recycle a bicycle than to throw it away. 


Thank you for visiting our website! I hope you enjoy browsing through the site and our collection of vintage bicycles. Our mission at The Rode-Bike is simple: We find gently ridden vintage bicycles, give them the love they deserve and help find them new Riders who will appreciate and ride them. You can see some of my bicycles below. These were bicycles that someone else didn’t want to ride anymore and were refurbished by us to the their current state of loveliness. Enjoy your day, Happy Riding and may God bless you always. – Patricia

Some of Patricia’s Rides:




Welcome to our little part of the Interwebs! Hopefully you’ll find the site interesting and informative and maybe it will peak your interest in riding a Vintage Bicycle too.

Some of Ray’s Rides:



What is The Rode Bike?

The Rode-Bike refurbishes and sells vintage bicycles in Taylor, Texas.  These vintage bicycles were built to last and are beautiful and completely functional. In most cases, if you’re buying a vintage lugged frame bicycle, you’ll be buying a frame that was hand brazed. One day we’ll have a store where you can peruse our vintage bicycles in person. Until then, please see our Bikes That Need Riders page to see what we have to offer.


How do I buy a bike?

When you see a bicycle that interests you, please e-mail us at info@rode-bike.com and we’ll answer any questions and set up an appointment for you to take a test ride. Make a short drive through the country and see us in Taylor. Take the bike for a test ride and make sure it fits you and is what you’re looking for. We happily accept Cash or Venmo.


Where is Taylor?

We’re located in Taylor, Texas


which is 45 minutes North of Austin; an hour South of Waco; two hours North of San Antonio and two and a half hours West of Houston.

After you have your new to you bicycle, head downtown and sample some of the BBQ at Mueller’s BBQ

and quench your thirst at the Texas Beer Company Brewery.

If you really want to work up a thirst and appetite ride your bike 12 miles North to Granger Lake.


For less than the price of a generic Bike Shaped Object that any other person might buy online or from a store that sells bicycles in the Toy Department, you could be riding one our Vintage Bicycles with quality components.  The fact that it is still rolling down the road and looking good while doing it is a testament to how well it was built.


Our focus is on bicycles from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, however we do also find bicycles for customers who are looking for a specific bicycle or type of bicycle.

These are a few of the bicycles we’ve sold:



We also refurbish our Customer’s own bicycles, so they can keep riding in Vintage Style

We can take a bike like this:

And return it to its original glory

Or take something like this

And turn it into this


Or just service your bike so it lasts another 50 years: