LeMond Racing Cycles is a bicycle manufacturer founded by Greg LeMond, an American winner of the Tour de France. LeMond offered a geometry based on the racing frames he used in competition, which had a longer top tube and wheelbase in an otherwise traditional lightweight steel frame. This was to stretch out the rider on the bicycle, with the intent of both lowering the frontal area presented to the wind, and optimizing power and stability. From 1995 until February 2010 Trek licensed LeMond’s name for use on a line of its bicycles, believing that the cachet of the name, a diversifying brand portfolio, plus having models offering a longer top tube than Trek’s frame geometries helped to expand the bicycle-sales opportunities for the Trek corporation. In September 2013, LeMond partnered with Time Sports to produce a limited run of 300 frames to commemorate his three Tour victories in 1986, 1989, and 1990. In August 2014, Greg LeMond launched the Washoe, a Reynolds 853 steel bike manufactured in the United States.